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The Friends Fellowship Church (FFC) is a sectarian church, with the motto of "sharing friendship and sharing lives." Through friendship and exchange, the FFC is a space for all who want to share their talents and stories, not just the church, but also the whole society. The FFC is designed to provide services by providing food and clothing to the people who need it, and to provide care and counseling to the natural administrator, including planting trees.

Established in 2019


We're friends, and we're connected to each other with compassion, support, encouragement, love and friendship to change our society. It's a space where we can accept each other as they are, and where we can't decide. Being involved in our society is our humble initiative, sharing friendship makes you part of it.

As a native of India, I moved to the United States to get my Ph.D. in religious studies. After I got my PhD, I moved to Fort Wayne and came across many wonderful people looking for alternative ways to meet the needs of religion and spirit. As a result, a friend-comrade church was born. When I'm free, I like reading, watching movies, playing with friends and traveling.

Godson J.
business owner