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Kingdom Builders Church Fort Wayne


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2601 Alma Ave



In March 2019, our clergyman set up a vision for the ministry. Last year, we had a wonderful family that has grown up mentally, mentally and mentally.

Established in 2019


God is waiting for something really wonderful when you step on the next step of your trip with him! Throughout your life, your relationship with God becomes stronger, and your prayers run out when God tells you where to serve in your body. I hope that God is in you, and through you, and all you desire, we pray. The greatest thing we desire for you is that you worship God, and through the witness of his son Jesus, "live your faith," and your great work through the Holy Spirit. Here at the Fort Wayne church in Kingdom Building, we believe that you are our family. We want to have the opportunity to know you, to help you grow up, to learn how to live in God's way, and to praise God as you wish. We are not going to build an empire, but to build a kingdom of God.