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When my office was established, I decided on the principle that I would not expect any other law firm. I believe in providing the best customer service through "Pango Advocacy". For me, Customer Service is to be accessible, not to be a paralegal, but to be able to meet a real lawyer, to hear more than a discussion, to be knowledgeable, to be empathized, to be friendly, to be sociable. The advocacy of the panbasket is to find the voices of ordinary middle class citizens like you and me, who make up the throbbing of our community.

Established in 2006


The Bellinger Law Firm understands that there are real people, real families, and real concerns behind all legal issues. We also know that legal outcomes have a significant impact on the customer's life and future, so they are deeply interested in legal outcomes. Therefore, our attorney's job is not simply to submit documents or documents to the court. Rather, our job is to fight to protect the rights and interests of our customers and become the true legal champion of our customers.

My mission is basic. You can deliver the best customer service anywhere, anytime.

I'll give you my name.

I grew up in eastern Whitley County, graduated from Columbia High School, IPFW and Thomas M. I graduated from Cooley Law Scoaw Scoaly Scoallaw Schooallaw School School. I liked learning new things so I liked school.
Unlike many attorneys, I am actually " I looked inside the court; #34;;I have a lot of experience in the jury trial.

I am also the chairman and co-founder of the United States Unity Party. The AUP is an independent party to take advantage of the declining benefits of the middle class. I'm involved in volunteer activities that are too numerous to be listed and working at the First Church of the God of Columbia City.

Robert B.
business owner